Replacement Restraints™

Replacement Restraints™


The Sporn® Replacement Restraints™ are for use with the Sporn® Halter.  They are made of the highest quality braided nylon cord, and available in 4 sizes.

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Sizing Recommendations
Small: 9-12 in. neck and approximately 8-25 pounds
Medium: 12-17 in. neck and approximately 25-60 pounds
Large: 17-24 in. neck and approximately 60-90 pounds
Extra Large: 23-33 in. neck and over 90 pounds

NOTE: The nylon restraints and sherpa sleeves™ may be detached from the Sporn collar, so that only the standard collar may be used. We do not recommend leaving the restraints and sherpas on the dog unattended.

Note: We only ship within the U.S.A.

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