Sporn® ID Collar

Sporn® ID Collar

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Not with our patented Sporn® ID Collar!

The Sporn® ID Collar is an all-in-one collar + ID tag, and has everthing you need to keep your pet identifiable!

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  • Includes built-in buckle compartment for storing your pet's contact details in case of emergency or loss
  • Includes 3 pieces of pre-folded, waterproof paper, compatible with any non-gel ink or permanent marker
  • Durable D-ring for leash or vaccination tag attachment
  • Available in 3 fully-adjustable sizes


Open buckle. Slide out ID tray using your fingernail or a flat edge. Write dog's name and contact number on the front of one of the waterproof paper inserts. You may also include additional details inside, or on the back of the paper. Place the folded paper into the tray, and slide the tray back into the buckle. Close firmly.

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